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What is Volumetric Video?

Volumetric video is a completely new form of video content. Unlike traditional video, which is filmed from a single viewpoint, volumetric video has been captured from multiple different angles and is delivered spatially: much like the world of a 3D video game, only fully photorealistic.

Unlike standard 2D video, which can only be seen from one angle, volumetric video can be viewed from any viewpoint, and can be explored in real-time by the viewer. This is a truly new way of thinking about video and opens up a huge array of new possibilities.

Combined with a VR headset, or an Augmented Reality (AR) device, volumetric video could enable fully immersive experiences unlike any other form of media seen before.

Flaime fully believes that volumetric video is the natural next step in the evolution of online media, and it is our mission to make volumetric video as accessible as possible to everyone.

Images + Time + Space = Volumetric


The Decade of Images

It’s hard to remember, but up until the early 2000’s, Images and text were the dominant online media. We used services such as MSN messenger to communicate and Flickr to share content. 


The Decade of Video

In the early 2000’s, increased broadband connections made transmitting more data possible. In April 2005 the first youTube video was uploaded.

Since then, video has become the dominant medium for sharing and viewing online content, making up around 60% of all internet traffic.


The Decade of Volumetric

Today, with the onset of 5G and high speed broadband, coupled with increased computing power that massively eclipses that of a decade ago, we are on the dawn of the next revolution – volumetric media.

Just as video added time to online media, volumetric content adds spaceThis brings the ability for viewers to become totally immersed within the content, navigating it as if it were a 3D world like we’re used to in video games.

It is Flaime’s mission to make volumetric video as accessible as YouTube


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