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3D content delivery & management platform for teams

A Beautifully Simple Workflow

1. Import

From all major 3D editors. 40+ file formats supported. Export to web compatible formats (GLTF and USDZ).

2. Discuss

The model with your client.

3. Deliver

To any website or app, on any device.

A Platform Bursting With Features


Any Format

Import from Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and other major 3D tools. 40+ file formats supported. Export to web compatible formats (GLTF and USDZ).

Easy Upload

Designers can drag and drop files to the Flaime web app, or set up automatic import from their local folder.

Level of Detail

Optimize your mesh size to improve end-user experience. World-leading AI optimization algorithms intuitively find a balance between size and quality.



Present models to external stake-holders by sharing private links.

History of Changes

Keep track of changes, compare and restore previous versions.


Get feedback on models, or parts of them. Discuss changes.


Dynamic Model Quality

Adaptive meshes for accessibility on lo-fi devices or slower internet connections. Specify the quality thresholds for models via the Flaime API.

Progressive Loading

To ensure users don't have to wait for complex models, Flaime will first load a less detailed version, instantly updating when the final geometry is ready.

Reusable Assets

If a large number of models use the same mesh with different textures, you only need to load that mesh once. This speeds up both model loading and rendering times for the end user. You can also combine model parts like lego to save reloading repeated sections of models.

Global Content Delivery Network

If a texture or a part of a model has been loaded, it will become instantly available from the global cache. This ensures fast loading speeds. Powered by Google Cloud.

Flaime SDKs

Our SDKs work with major web rendering engines. Dynamically serve the correct content to any end device.

Built For Your Whole Team

Creative Directors

Make asset sign-off a breeze

No more sending 3D model files via email and explaining how to view them.

Send links to any asset, presented exactly how you want them.

Clients can comment directly on models, giving precise feedback instantly.


Optimize your workflow

Instantly make any model web ready and compare with your originals in detail.

Automatically create multiple LODs, and view high and low poly versions side by side.

Hyperlink to meshes and nodes from other assets, to minimize modelling time and file size.


Streamline asset tracking and dynamic delivery

Automatically deliver the right asset to the right device or bandwidth from a single endpoint.

No need to track assets. Just request them and let Flaime manage mesh and texture instancing.

Automatically enable progressive loading.

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